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I watched the doco and it is incredible. So much untapped info that can’t be found anywhere else online.

My wife is 9 weeks currently and the last 5 weeks have been the most trying of her entire life. I just hope it ends soon. It’s completely devastating as you know.

I think your doco goes a long way to help spread the awareness, so thanks for that.

I hope you are able to get the program into the main stream media.

Ben Muller

We just watched the film together and enjoyed it very much! The stories that were shared are almost identical to what we are going through now.  My wife has been treated poorly by the people in health care during her hospital stay by not believing her, or knowing what to do. Thank you for spreading awareness through your documentary!


Thank you so much. I just watched it straight away and wow! It’s incredible. I can hugely relate to everything spoken about in this film, such a great way of giving HG sufferers/warriors a voice and bringing about more awareness simply amazing, even if it did make me sob.


Thank you again for sharing your work with us.

We also really appreciate you doing the work involved to put this together, especially the way you were so open and candid about your story, and bringing the stories of others to the forefront.  Many of the stories resonated, but some of the things you said describing your personal experience resonated so much with my partner and mirrored many of the thoughts she had been having herself.  We found ourselves both saying things like “that is so familiar” and “wow, I can’t imagine anyone having to go through that”.


Thank you! Definitely made me cry! So relatable


Congratulations on the film Charlotte – very moving and hopefully will raise much needed awareness globally.