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Sick – The Battle Against HG by Good Guys Productions & Charlotte Howden
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Charlotte Howden and Lorne Guy started the Sick film documentary in 2018 after Charlotte decided that she needed to raise awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). HG is a debilitating pregnancy condition that affects 1-2% of pregnant woman, which equates to roughly 3 million women every year.

Hyperemesis is simply NOT morning sickness, but a rare most likely genetic condition that causes the sufferer to experience nausea and vomiting on an extreme level – possibly suffering for the whole 9 months of pregnancy. Charlotte herself suffered with HG in 2015 and endured 20 weeks of unnecessary suffering at that hands of this horrific disease but more notably the health care professionals who continued to ignore her.

Without medication or re-hydration in hospital women may suffer life changing consequences from kidney failure, muscle loss and esophageal ruptures to rotting teeth and in some rare cases death.

Charlotte teamed up with Lorne Guy from Good Guys Productions to create a 30 minute short documentary to seek justice and change for the women who are so often passed off as time wasters or dramatic pregnant woman who should be able to handle a little morning sickness. 10% of women with HG terminate their pregnancies….

Charlotte interviewing Caitlin Dean, Founder of Pregnancy Sickness Support

Sick – The Battle Against HG was released for a 7 day preview on International Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day in May 2020 to an overwhelming response from sufferers and survivors with over 250,000 views in just 7 days.

Charlotte and Lorne have now made Sick available globally on Prime Video, and Vimeo with more subtitle languages in the works.

Charlotte Howden talks of her own experience with HG
Video testimonials from sufferers who witness terrible treatment from Health Care Providers
Dr Marlena Fejzo’s research into the genetic causes of HG
The reality of HG and medication to stay alive
Sir Professor Stephen O’Rahilly – leading researcher in HG
Sky Sports Presenter Michelle Owen

Sick is an excellent film resource that will help our members better understand the impact of HG – Gail Johnson, Education Advisor, The Royal College of Midwives

Where can you watch Sick – The Battle Against HG?

To help continue to raise awareness of Sick – The Battle Against HG, Charlotte has launched an HG related podcast series called The Hyperemesis Files podcast. Each week she talks to experts, women and their families who have all suffered with and survived HG. Listen below or direct on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

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