The Hyperemesis Files Podcast

The Hyperemesis Files Podcast is a new podcast that explores this debilitating condition through the stories of the women and men who have experienced it, suffered with it and survived it.

The Hyperemesis Files podcast will act as a continuation of the Sick film, uncovering more about the debilitating condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Presented by HG Campaigner Charlotte Howden.

Episode 1 – Charlotte speaks to Sabrina who talks her through her 4 pregnancies, 3 of which were HG pregnancies. They also talk about isolation, struggling to work, being black and having the condition as well as how to cope with overwhelming families and less than adequate treatment from some medical professionals.
Episode 2 – Charlotte talks to William Howden, someone who she knows very well as he is her husband and her partner in crime! Charlotte interviews her husband to get the perspective of what it is like to watch their wife/partner go through Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Topics include support, safe foods, isolation, becoming a carer overnight, terminations and medications.
Episode 3 – Charlotte talks to Jo, a mum of 2 from Kent in the UK, who has suffered 2 hyperemesis pregnancies and interestingly wasn’t sick that many times but still suffered with other debilitating symptoms. She talks about how difficult it is to suffer without the sickness, as if the sickness would unlock a certain amount of sympathy and help. She also talks about seizures and how hard it was to look after the child she already had to surviving for the one she was carrying.
Episode 4 – Charlotte talks to Kaitlin,  a woman from South Carolina in the US. Kaitlin has 2 boys and suffered HG with her second, although it seems likely that she also suffered with a milder HG with her first pregnancy. Charlotte talks to Kaitlin about her struggle to cope with HG the second time round, trying to care for the child she already had, a business, living in a new town with a very new support network and making the decision to never have children again by undergoing a sterilisation. She also talks about her experience with memory loss from having a thiamine deficiency (due to HG) and how her husband (a medical professional) became her full time carer.

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